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Chapter 10 of Witches posted!

Chapter 10, “Opening Salvo” is posted:

“What brings you to my world, little bug?” the colorful woman asked Hardi and Robert. Her glance flitted between both of them before settling on Hardi. “Well?” she cooed, head tilting. Her accent was much lighter than Lucia’s.

Hardi straightened in her seat. “We’re looking for the people who have been attacking your world.” She paused briefly as six guards entered and took up positions in the corners and framing the door. “Are you hiding them here?”

Not much longer on Witches–just a few more chapters. I’ll probably spend some time with my lovely arties before starting another close-ended piece like Witches. I miss the more free-form style of the Transhuman Congress (as well as Lina and Harold, of course).

I had a pretty annoying blood donating experience this weekend. I had about 35-45 minutes in which to get the donation done, which is typically plenty of time for 09:00 on a Saturday. I ended up with a nervously chatty nurse, though, and was too nice to hurry her along. We talked about dreads and marrying white guys and biracial babies. Before I took my current gig, I could have said that it’s not the kind of discussion I had every day.

I have to admit, however, my politeness was stretched to its limit when she hit my vein wall, kept screwing with the tape, and had to rotate the needle for 10 seconds to relieve the pressure. Or when she scrubbed vigorously around the wound to try to clean off the iodine… which pulled at the hole in my arm. Or when the gauze got stuck (thanks to the iodine) to the hole in my arm, and she tried to pull it free in the wrong direction.

Momentary discomfort, luckily. If I’d also suffered from my usual light-headedness, I’d’ve probably been more… perturbed, but I preloaded with Sprite beforehand. Bleh, HFCS. Took an hour and ten minutes total, which was disappointing.

Any lingering discomfort was forgotten when one of the role-playing geeks (a former military field medic) showed me a video of an intraosseous infusion:

Um, yeah. Ow.