Weekly Linkage: Healthcare, Midnight Deployments, and Markov Chaining

I’ve been all over The Incidental Economist lately, and it’s really hard not to link to every one of their posts that I can make heads or tails of. They’re really prolific by my standards, though, which means it’s a struggle to keep their posts from falling off the 30-day cut-off in Google Reader.

Bogleheads’ Retirement Planning: Investment Policy Statement

This is the second of my Bogleheads’ Retirement Planning series.

“Investment Policy Statement” a hoity-toity term for “make a contract with yourself on how you’ll invest”. What’s your risk tolerance? What allocation of investments do you want to maintain? How often will you rebalance? What’s your goal? How often will you reassess your goal?

I’ve had these things in my head, shuffling them around as I researched and toyed with percentages and numbers. What they weren’t was written down.

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It’s Okay to Breathe

Gregory, looking properly industriousI just finished The Money Book for Freelancers, Part-Timers, and the Self-Employed yesterday, although the book was eye opening and (fer skerious) life changing throughout–I’m leaving it under Greg’s pillow, on his keyboard, and in his underpants drawer–one paragraph near the end caught my eye:

Return calls promptly. How many times has someone explained away a long delay in response with that lame excuse “I’ve been swamped”? Expunge this phrase from your lexicon. It’s horse hockey. Newsflash: it’s the twenty-first century, and we’re all swamped. If someone leaves a voice mail message for you, log it in and get back to them within twenty-four hours. E-mail etiquette is slightly different, we know, but even here you should set a high standard for yourself, such as committing to get back to an e-mail correspondent within one to three days. If you need to, set aside one hour a day to return calls and emails. (272-273)

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Weekly Linkage: Stockholm Trolls

Um… it’ll make sense as you read.

Bogleheads’ Retirement Planning: Determining a Retirement $$ Goal

This is the first of my Bogleheads’ Retirement Planning series.

The ultimate question is simple: how much do I need to have when I “retire” to be able to live for decades on the proceeds?

It’s worth getting over the hump of the definition of retirement, because it always seems to come up as a side topic in retirement discussions. Retirement, to me, isn’t buying a boat and spending all day golfing.

…Especially since I’d rather just take a group walk through a park instead of hitting and chasing a small ball in the process.

To me, retirement is getting out of a 40 hour a week job and working on things I love, even if they’re less profitable. That might mean I only work 15 hours a week for pay. Or that I publish a novel every couple of years, rather than racing to meet deadlines. Or that I join the Peace Corps and do something, you know, useful.

Whatever. Retirement is being out of the crunch.

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