Project Complete: Bir’day Blanket!

In a desperate crush this weekend, I finished Greg’s blanket. It wasn’t that I was four months late finishing it, it was that I was so. tired. of basketweave.

If I had to do one more damn repeat, I was probably going to put the thing on hiatus, silly as that would have been.

The finished product is long enough for Greg to stretch out and pretend to sleep under:

Greg stretched out with the blanket.

Unfortunately, I have some of the eggplant yarn left. Anyone need a dice bag? If I can find a good contrasting color in my stash, I’ll probably do at least one of these.

I spend a half hour or so on Sunday night completely frogging (unraveling) my brown blanket and starting up again. I swear, the first row of crocheting (crocheting into the chain) is the worst and most fiddly. Plus, it was a 196 stitch chain, so that first row took forever. That’s wider than my arm span–this thing is going to be a blanket, not a throw.

Since then, though, it’s been smooth sailing; all the stitching is consistent (for me), my color and ball changes are proper, and I friggin’ know what stitch I’m doing.