On Life and Love

Weekly Linkage: A Baby, A Baby on the Edge, and A Not-Baby

First, a video:

Ze Frank himself describes this as "both terrifying and fascinating", which says something. I’m surprised the people in the park didn’t react more strongly.

Just two more links:

  • Tim Langdell Loses In Future “Edge” Trial | Rock, Paper, Shotgun – Hopefully this is the final chapter in the Tim Langdell drama. This man makes me sad every time I read about him. All the lies… Is he desperate, or cold and calculating? I get a feeling of more the former, but I've only ever read others' accounts of his tales.
  • IBM Centennial – Lessons Learned (PDF) – "But Watson’s most enduring contribution to business was his intentional creation of something that would outlast him—a shared corporate culture. He showed how the basic beliefs and values of an organization could be
    perpetuated—to become its guiding constant through time. This is why we have never defined IBM by what we make, no matter how successful the product or service."