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Belly Dance Is Back!

Last December, Nayna found herself without a dance studio, making it rather difficult to teach class. All of her students–me being just shy of one year and ready to move to intermediate–dispersed woefully.

We spent all of 2011 nagging the hell out of her.

For some reason, Greg-the-cat doesn't like jinglies.Ten months later (?!), she’s back with an email to the masses the day before classes began. So tonight I dug my hip scarf out from the back of my underwear drawer and giddily bounced my way to the pole-dancing studio where she held class tonight.

It was awesome. It was amazing. It was like the first time, except with that fun disjointed experience of your mind knowing what to do and your body almost sure it remembers how to follow. If I want to move up to intermediate (which I totally do), I’ve got to get all that in sync before I get bored and wander off.

Unfortunately, my left shoulder was sadly underperforming. Just a few repetitions of snake arms, temple arms, and basic Egyptian had me quickly becoming one-armed. The mere idea of mimicking Nayna’s sidewinder-esque tribal snake arms made my arm tremble.

I do a pretty good one-armed temple arms, though, I must say.

So now I’m all sore in muscles I’d forgotten about and anxious to get back to drilling regularly at home amidst all my other extracurriculars.