Debt Free

A screenshot of the loan management page showing a $0 balance.

$25,691.32 in student loans, paid off as of today. That’s $30,100 (give or take $100) of debt paid off total over the last 3.5 years of financial consciousness.

I think I’m supposed to throw a party or something.

I’m still kinda in shock.

10 thoughts on “Debt Free”

    1. Hmm. I like the idea of cohousing quite a bit (despite my own shyness), but I would want to form a community like that with people I already know, not move into one of (mostly?) strangers. The unknown-people aspect of it makes it seem… forced, I guess. More artificial.

      Then again, it’s also adventurous. 😀

      1. Right? Like, how exactly woudl this ever work out, there happens to be a group of people big enough to warrant building such a development who are all interested in the lifestyle and are cool enough with each other? sounds impossible. i mean, i would like ot live in such a situation but in my head the neighbors are all framily members, but how would it ever be possible that they would be available to it all at once? how does it not turn into a cult (-:

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