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Health Insurance Confounds Me

Whycome pricing out independent health insurance is so confusing?

Seriously. I have a spreadsheet, and for each plan I look at, I end up with some new column that I then need to backfill for the plans I’ve already looked at.

Whycome some don’t cover birth control? Or maternity? Take a stance, companies. You’re already charging more for women in childbearing years.

Whycome a plan can have a $3000-$5000/per person deductible, but not be considered a high-deductible plan (and thus eligible for an HSA), and there still be a coinsurance after the damn deductible?

Whycome some of them have documentation that mentions using an HSA for certain things, but the plan is a PPO and clearly isn’t HSA-eligible?

Who thought all this was a good idea?