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Terry, Vampire Chemist

Sunday, I’ll be in a new table-top Vampire: the Requiem game, run by Greg.


I’ve been wanting to play table-top Vamp for years now. Our characters are fresh up from “death” (meaning no XP), and will be starting from something like our first meeting with the powers that run the city.

The early-game premise is that we’ll be restricted to a single large apartment building, with no pre-established blood sources, etc.

All three of us players have already made our characters, meaning we don’t even need a character creation session. (And no XP made character creation surprisingly quick.)

Second best part of the game? So long as it’s on Sunday afternoons, Greg and I don’t have to cook for folks! *happy dance*

Terry, vampire chemist, coming soon to a shabby New Orleans apartment building near you. *fang*

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