On Life and Love

Can We Get a Do-Over?

One of the things Greg is saying a lot lately is (paraphrased), “If I’d known it was coming to this, I would have made completely different decisions this year.”

Thanksgiving is next week, and the above is the attitude (shared by me, albeit about different decisions) that permeates my home.

One of the things I’ve had trouble swallowing on Thanksgivings throughout my life is the idea that even when you’re mid-sentence in a conflict with your loved ones, on Thanksgiving you’re supposed to hold your tongue, have a good sense of family, and smile through the prep and eating of the meal.

Even though things will be the same as they were, come Friday morning.

Thanksgiving feels like a rote American holiday if you’ve already been striving for a mindful, compassionate, communicative lifestyle.

And it’s both rote and awkward when everyone’s trying to pretend it’s a nice holiday while wishing they had a do-over.