• The Before the Future Came podcast art: a painting from NASA of space colony consisting of a massive tunnel of pasture and rivers, overlaid with the title of the podcast.
    On Life and Love

    I’m in a New Podcast: Before the Future Came

    Sooooo, how do you feel about Star Trek? Because I love Star Trek. It has strong visions of what society could be and takes some big swings to try to show those visions as achievable. Sometimes those swings land, and other times they miss in interesting ways. Its vision(s) of utopia are fun to crack open and look at, so I’m co-hosting a podcast to do so! Before the Future Came is a podcast hosted by Lucy Arnold, Gregory Avery-Weir, and yours truly that is not quite yet about Star Trek. Until the SAG-AFTRA strike is over, we are turning our brains to examining utopias in science fiction books, comics,…

  • On Life and Love

    Chapter 12 of Witches Posted

    Happy Friday! I present to you Chapter 12 of the Witches of Ming Ung, “Making Peace“: Hardi scoffed. “Give it up. Give us the antidote. They’ll get you eventually, and another ten thousand people might be dead in the meantime.” His jaw set, but he didn’t say anything. “I’ve got a deal for you…” taunted Hardi. I want to go home and play with my computer now.

  • On Life and Love

    New TC story: “White Hat”

    Happy Saturday! I have a new Transhuman Congress story, “White Hat” posted, in which a hopefully-suspiciously-familiar character is introduced. It directly follows “Spiral’s End” in Lina’s arc. “Who are you, Jayden?” we asked. He giggled, then stopped suddenly and said in a hoarse whisper, “I’m not who I should be. Instead of being born the wrong person, I was born not anyone. Just like an artie.” We weren’t sure what to say to that. Anima sat down cross-legged on the floor. “What do you do?” He glanced up at Lonnie, then back down at us. “I do what I must, what I have to, what I shouldn’t.”

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    “Planetfall” posted!

    A new Witches story this week! I present to you the very simply named “Planetfall“: “Shouldn’t we be moving, Miss Lucia?” Robert asked urgently. Lucia looked up at him, her pale blue eyes meeting his green ones. “We will go when we go,” she said coldly in a thick accent. Her dirt-smudged face was set. Robert flinched back slightly, smiled fixed. “O-kay…” Hardi glanced at Lucia to find Lucia waiting for her gaze. Hardi quirked an eyebrow and didn’t look away. Robert looked at both of them and cleared his throat nervously. Next week’s story will be a Transhuman Congress story, and I’d love feedback on what folks would like…

  • On Life and Love

    New TC story: Spiral’s End

    Finally! A new story! Even my wrist won’t hold me down. Less than a week left in the cast! Before I give the link to the story, though, here’s a big, tacky warning: this story is explicit. It’s dark and includes drugs and sex. Okay, that’s done. “Spiral’s End” is a new Transhuman Congress story, and is a step in Lina’s path to her corronation as Empress, mentioned in “Cultivating Progress“. It’s part of the “Rise of an Empress arc, which the other Lina development stories have been moved into.