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    This week’s internet cruising: Seriously? – bitquabit – [H]e identified the Three “P”s of entrepreneurship: 'Profits, people and…you can figure it out.' [Muttering amongst the audience.] 'Women. People, profits, and women. Or men. Whatever. People, profits, and women.' No, no. He really means "Profits, people, and pussy." That shit's not funny. BBC World Service – Outlook, Neda Soltani: mistaken for a dead icon – Heard this story on NPR on an early, early morning drive to work. This was fucked up; it ruined her life in Iran and sent her fleeing to Germany to avoid (further) persecution by the Iranian government.

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    Titles on links: straightening up

    A combination of my recent job interview and reading Coding Horror reminded me that I’ve been slack on putting title attributes on my links here on the blagonet. The interview because it touched on accessibility, and Coding Horror because Atwood crosslinks a lot of his posts, but doesn’t give the name of the post in the title tag, which means I end up with 30 open tabs to blog entries that I couldn’t cherry-pick thanks to non-semantic URIs and no titles. I also don’t know which of Atwood’s links are internal or external without checking the URIs. Kinda frustrating. So I reactivated my External Links plugin (which puts that nice…

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    10 Usability Crimes You Really Shouldn’t Commit – Nice and easy list to follow. I fixed a silly problem on my site this morning courtesy of the reminder. Clients From Hell : The client calls around 9 PM on a Saturday… – “[very angry] I am reading your email in disbelief. You are the webmaster – how can there be an aspect of our website that you have no control over?” Why You Can’t Work at Work | Jason Fried | Big Think – This is a great video on office workspaces. As an aside, Jason Fried's voice and style of talking remind me a whole lot of Dane Cook.…