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Weekly Linkage

This week’s internet cruising:

  • Seriously? – bitquabit

    [H]e identified the Three “P”s of entrepreneurship:

    'Profits, people and…you can figure it out.'

    [Muttering amongst the audience.]

    'Women. People, profits, and women. Or men. Whatever. People, profits, and women.'

    No, no. He really means "Profits, people, and pussy." That shit's not funny.

  • BBC World Service – Outlook, Neda Soltani: mistaken for a dead icon – Heard this story on NPR on an early, early morning drive to work. This was fucked up; it ruined her life in Iran and sent her fleeing to Germany to avoid (further) persecution by the Iranian government.
  • A List Apart: Articles: Application Cache is a Douchebag – Many funny lines in this article, but this one had me giggling: "Do you have two sets of design images? Is one of them much smaller and lighter for people viewing on mobile devices? Do you use media queries to decide which of these to display? Well, ApplicationCache hates you and your family."
  • Arithmetic for beginners – "If authors of computer programming books wrote arithmetic textbooks."
  • City Symphonies – Mark McKeague – Data-generated music!
  • Gaming For Everyone: Game Accessibility Guidelines | Rock, Paper, Shotgun – "The project is focused on the accessibility of gaming for gamers with disabilities, and hopes to communicate to developers what slight and simple changes or additions can be made for their products to be far more available to a significant proportion of their audience."
  • Houzz Tour: A Family of 4 Unwinds in 540 Square Feet – Not a huge fan of white furniture myself, but I love the brightness and opennes in this home.
  • Signing Tour: The Reality TV Show – Charlie’s Diary – "It is possible that you will be dragged in front of microphones or cameras to answer confused or confusing questions by journalists who haven't read your book; then, each evening, you will show up at a bookstore where hopefully there will be an audience who will listen to you deliver a canned speech and/or reading and then buy books which you will then sign."
  • One Of The Coolest Tiny Apartment I’ve Ever Seen – Love and nooks and lofting in this place, plus the big social area.
  • Small Changes, Big Impact – JimWendler.com – The intro is long and fluffy, but skip down to the part that begins with, "I made the small changes. I thought about the kind of things that I could make a small difference to, for little effort or money."