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*nom, nom* Anime

Having finished as much of Death Note as I’m going to, I’m now out of anime. I’ve recently finished Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Full Metal Panic, too (both of which I thoroughly enjoyed). Nothing else on Hulu sounds very good and/or is subbed (or I’d be snoozing my way through Mushi-shi now, at G’s insistence).

I certainly don’t mind shelling out for anime (I did for GitS:SAC and FMP), but I want to be pretty sure that I’ll like it before I drop $50 on a series. Utena was going to be next, but it’s out of print, evidently.

Where do I go now to broaden my anime horizons?

Another hubris-eaten “hero”

I watched most of Death Note this weekend; the first 27 eps. I love(d) it. But the main character has hit his peak and is obviously going to fall in the same ol’ hubris-infected way. I’m told there’ll be good filler along the way, but the end is predictable and predicted.

American Gangster did the same thing. Great character, same old crumbling under the weight of his own power.

I want to see the bad guy win. Or at least not fail in that way. I don’t want a cheesy or easy win, but if Light had triumphed over L (and I mean really triumphed, not let himself get roped into that friendship crap) and could do his “become a god” business without feeling like he needed an adversary, I’d have been hooked all the way through to ep 37.

Of course, in talking about this with Greg, I ended up with a stack of video games to play wherein I might find some satisfaction for my evil-y urges. But I want to see it in less interactive media (anime/movies/etc.) also. Not all good anti-hero stories need to end like a damn Greek tragedy.

…Some kind of cake…

Lu La lu La piano wa sekai no yumesaku nohara ni melody
Kowareta tokei wo shinjite jikan wa dare no mikata?

Doushite konna ni watashi no mune yasashii dareka wo matteruno?
Oshiete sutekina mirai Moonlight, moonlight sleepin’

Lu La lu La Omoide ringo ni mezame no shoujo ga kiss shite
Setsunaku hirogeta hon niwa futari no bell ga naruyo

Dakishimetaikara itoshiihito
Mou nakanaidene Good bye sadness
Fushigina tobira no moji wa “Soramimi cake”

Wonderland! youkoso kiminiwa Fairyland! ai no mahou nano
Love’s all way! Mainichi fuwafuwa komugi no yuuwaku

Cake for you! tabetene konya wa Tea for you! seiza no ochakai
Mado ni tenshi no chorus kiminiwa soramimi? sukidayo sukidayo no koe
“Soramimi Cake”, opening theme to Azumanga Daioh, by Oranges and Lemons.

As good as the opening theme to Last Exile. It’s my current obsession. It plays in a litany in my head as I batter all the shit I’m letting consume me right now. Add to that stress about personal relations with peoples, and I’m feeling… tired. Near tears.

No tears for the masochist, however, and even fewer for the sadist.

…It is simply unbelievable how many hours a day I spent writing emails. I wouldn’t think it was feasible for anyone to write this much email and still pass classes, but I have a pretty light load right now. And I have a couple of classes in which I use my laptop for other things, so I can multitask.

Back to reading a Great Paper–“A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks” (E. F. Codd’s famous paper).

Growth not unlike a fungal infection

So in the Anime club, we’ve been watching a series called “Last Exile“. I don’t know quite how to characterize it except to say that it’s very… Germanic. Many the characters are little blond-haired, blue eyed folks; the main character’s name is Claus; and–this may sound like an odd association–but a lot of the colors are beiges or military-bland greens and blues and greys. One of WO’s roommates described it as Napoleonic, which may also be accurate due to the steam-based tech.

For the first couple weeks (7 or so episodes), I couldn’t stand the show. It seemed pretty focused on just two kids on their vanship (flying boat) running messages and dreaming of a trip through the Grand Stream (which killed their fathers). If there was a sufficient amount of world/context-building, I must have slept through it, because I was confused as hell. I can appreciate a meandering plot as well as anyone, but not on a Friday night when I’m as tired as I tend to be on those nights.

But we just finished watching episode 18, and I’ll admit that my opinion has about done a 180 over the past couple of weeks. The world presented in the show has become much more complex, and enough characters and action have been introduced that I can ignore the annoying bleat of Lavie’s voice and emotional issues and still be pleasantly surprised at the timing of the once-per-episode bleat of Al’s goat. Or cow. Or whatever that is.

The balance between the people issues, the world issues (the war, politics), and the battle scenes has hit a level that I can enjoy immensely. That, and the fact that the opening theme song has my heart.

Unfortunately, I still don’t really like the other series the club shows 3-4 episodes of per week–“Martian Successor Nadesico“, which I simply call “Nabisco”. Yeah, like the brand name of crackers. The start of “Nabisco” is definitely the start of my naptime on WO’s shoulder.

Ground Defense Force Mao-chan“, though… *sigh* That one I’ll just leave alone. It’s a special, special show.