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Quasi-daily linkage

  • Another vote for "Fragmented" – An awesome article quotation from Elf. I agree with this, and struggle with finding a healthy balance for myself. I enjoy having a smartphone, but still consider it a luxury item (i.e., not necessary to my existence or even my happiness). I even debate getting rid of it and going back to a plain ol' phone (shh! don't tell Greg). I feel like a netbook and a normal cell phone would be enough connectivity for me.

    If I'm going to break contract on my AT&T/iPhone agreement over Apple's stupidity, maybe I should be looking at doing just that — get a nice, small (!!) cheap cell phone. It's more than a little tempting.

  • Follow Up: How Do Strangers Treat You? – Nice comments from an older BFD post about how people are treated when they're over- or under-weight. Features the gem: "Yet another man told me that being fat wasn’t my problem, it was merely the first indication to a man that I did not want to be 'pleasing.' Yes, he told me that if I wanted to be 'pleasing to a man,' I would lose the weight. This would indicate that I was agreeable and compliant." Um, about that.
  • Prometheus 6: "No iPad for me…" – Wow. This is what I get to come back to when I haven't synced my phone in over a week. Ugh. If I weren't about to move, I'd do some hard recalculations on getting out of my AT&T iPhone contract and picking up one of those buckets of does.
  • Prometheus 6: "Please reflect on what this means in politics, education and race relations" – Okay, this is really cool. I haven't read all five parts, but David Dunning has an interesting premise.
  • Prometheus 6: "More punishment for the poor" – And here I thought debtors prisons were out of style.
  • Declutter Your Files: What Papers Can You Toss? – Pretty much exactly what the title says. Handy in my going-paperless process.
  • YouTube – MORTAL KOMBAT – Okay, this may be the coolest thing I've seen in a hot minute. I love seeing folks put this much effort into what's essentially a fanfic.

Help, I’m shrinking…

Uncluttering and downsizing is all the rave now, I know. I blame Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life for my own downsizing interest. Congrats, sir. You have made a convert.
Greg and I found out a coupla weeks ago that the owners of the house we rent are short-selling. They offered us a first change at the house, but some of the things that made it a fairly attractive rental make it a subpar buy. Plus, you know, I’m not a big fan of even mortgage debt. Why would I want a $120k gorilla on my back?

When we moved into the house last year, I loved having 1400 square feet to play in. Greg and I have separate offices, and I have room for books on top of books. We have a big kitchen and a large common area.

But it was a very painful move — we have a lot of stuff, and we moved ourselves (which we swore we’ll never do again). Add to that the accumulation that comes from having more space in which to put crap. More books (although I’m cool with my Kindle, despite the Big Brother aspects), more furniture, more kitchen appliances (good god, the kitchen appliances!), more stuff.

I’m pretty much done with that.

I’m not trying to squeeze Greg into a 400 sq. ft. apartment, of course. He’s plenty fine with lots of space and lots of stuff, so there are concessions to make there. But I can get rid of plenty of my own junk without impacting him.

Warning: I’m going to use words like “need” to describe things that feel silly for me to even say, like that we “need” a three bedroom apartment in order to have enough room for everyone to be happy. I’m engaged to a great person and he’s totally worth some excesses. 😛

First up: clothes

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