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Feeling way behind

I came down with a cold two weeks ago, and the next thing I know, I’ve missed three of my own deadlines for posting stories, haven’t danced in two Mondays, and haven’t done a lick of the design work for the non-profit I’m trying to work with. In good news, I can sleep soundly through the night again without choking on my own phlegm.

It’s times like these that remind me not to try to “catch up”, but just to keep moving. It’s not like I fell off a bandwagon; I can’t make up for two weeks of missed productivity.

That said, there will be a story this Saturday. It may not be in the morning, and it may be a Witches story instead of a TC story, but there’ll be a story. And then another one no later than Wednesday. …And so on. The moral of this tale is that I should have had a damn backlog of stories. I’ll be getting on that now.

Dancing: exactly what I wanted

Second week of belly dance and hip-hop classes: fucking amazing.

We had a sub for the belly dancing class: instead of Nayna, it was her assistant, and she worked us pretty hard. We got through what felt like a big chunk of routine, learning 4 or 5 new moves and getting better at some of the early ones. The class was just as fun as last week, but felt a lot more productive. I’m going to be sore tomorrow from the rolls and agitators.

Now, the hip-hop class… I dedicated a lot of words to it last week, when I wasn’t sure if I was gonna like it, blah, blah.

It’s perfect.
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Um… jazz hands?

I stepped out of my shell a bit tonight and went to two dance classes: belly dancing and hip-hop. Belly dancing was a hoot — the instructor was hilarious and everyone was there for a good time. I was, of course, absolutely awful at it, but I got the gist of it pretty quickly and I’ll do a lot better next week.

Hip-hop, on the other hand… Whoo. I went in knowing it wasn’t going to be club dancing, and that’s what I wanted: a “real” dance class. Unfortunately, there were a few things that complicated my ability to judge whether I want to take the class:

  1. Biggest of all: the instructor was a sub, and professed that she was really more “jazz” than “hip-hop”. Alright, so what’s the class really like?
  2. There were fewer than 10 people in the class, so I could see myself in the mirror at all times.
  3. The music was kinda lame. Some Jay Sean feat. Sean Paul mess. I wasn’t expecting Royce da 5’9″ or Tech N9ne or anything, but still.
  4. …That shit was fucking advanced.

Since it was a sub, she just sort of choreographed a song on the fly for us, but the moves weren’t really beginner moves at the pace the song forced, though.

Also: I often forget how incredibly damn physically awkward I can be. I dance fine when I don’t have to move my feet much other than a two-step, but have me twirling and tapping and sweeping my legs and arms and shit, and I’m going to be all over the place. And I was. Coulda been fun, but the instructor was definitely looking past and around me as she offered critique to the class. I was that bad.

Didn’t help that no one else participating in the class was new. The other person considering joining did exactly what I would have done 3 months ago — sit in a chair and watch.

One thing I (luckily) neglected to think about when deciding to go was the fact that dance rooms have big ass walls of mirrors in them. Ugh. Two major motivators for me to get in shape and lose weight — 1) ease of movement, 2) not looking like a fat-ass in a wall of mirrors. Vanity, y’all. Way better motivator than fear of the ‘betes.

Anyway, I think I’ll do both classes this month, although it essentially nixes my Monday evenings. It’s only 4 classes of each, and both have the potential to be awesome.

Is Soulja Boy Ze Frank inspired?

I think it’s pretty obvious that Soulja Boy is a child of the internet. He has music videos of people watching his videos on youtube and all that.

Jay Smooth did a video a while back about Soulja Boy stealing some song. I can’t embed it, but watch from 0:30 to about 0:40 of this.

Then watch the Ze Frank dancing here (especially “Strutting It” and “Stop it Silly”) and here and tell me there’s not a marked resemblance.

I knew there was something familiar about SB’s dancing the first time I saw that mess. At the time, though, I was watching my high school students do the dances, and I was laughing too hard to make the connection.