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First Hair Highlights

The first time I dyed my locs.
One of the first pictures taken of my newly-dyed locs.

I did it! I’ve had locs twice now, for a total of almost five years, and each time I’ve gone, “I should be bold and dye my hair!”

But it’s very permanent, especially since my natural hair color likely needs to be lightened for color to show much. Plus, lightening hair can be damaging. Last thing I want is to have my locs falling out. I’ve literally spent years growing these things; I’m not ashamed to say I’m a little attached to them, even if I don’t name them or count them.

But finally, with the aid of recommendations from friends and family on a beautician, I got my hair did.

It took quite a bit longer than expected—longer than the beautician booked, even—but the process was relative painless. (I’m a wash-and-separate kind of loc maintainer, and having someone else do the separating taught me that I have a gentle touch.) Some of the highlights are just blonde/lightened, and the others are a wine color. We opted not to go all the way to the roots of my hair for a couple of reasons:

  1. Much more time-intensive for two colors like this if color bleeding was to be avoided.
  2. I might not actually get this touched up again (the red will eventually fade to a lighter brown), so what do roots now matter versus roots in a month?

But… I like it! I still startle myself in the mirror, because it’s only been a couple of days, but I really like the look. I still don’t know if I’ll bother to maintain it or if I’ll just have really cool highlighted tips in a few years.

The back view of my newly dyed locs.
The back view of my newly dyed locs.

Going (Briefly) Bald

My bald head, while cleaning the bathroom. On a whim this Saturday, my running partner and I decided to take razors to our heads and finish what we started when we cut our hair down short. The result was genu-wine baldness.

My biggest fear in shaving bald was razor bumps–with curly/kinky hair, that’s kinda the way it goes. It wasn’t as bad as I was afraid it would be; a few bumps and some discomfort, but nothing to write home about. I used a single-bladed disposable razor instead of a double-bladed, which I think helped.

Deana with her newly shaved head.
Being hairless itself, though? Strange. My scalp was strangely rubbery-feeling and very high-friction. It was also a very striking look–far more so than my normal super-short look. Just skin, all the way back.

The shaving itself was too much work for it to be a regular occurrence. Deana and I pipelined our shaving (since we started with clippers), and the whole shebang took about 45 minutes. And I’d have to do close to that much work weekly. Meh. I think I will experiment with shorter looks (guard-free on the clippers, for instance), but nothing that requires shaving foam.

Me and Deana, after shaving our heads.

It’s Tuesday, so I’ve already got a little hair back. I like the little burr better than baldness.

A Return to Hair Simplicity

Three-something years ago (okay, okay, three years ago on February 25, 2008), I started growing my hair out into locs. I plaited my 2 inches of ‘fro and let it go. This was a month after I left teaching and the night before I started my first post-teaching job, and it was a big life transition for me. I was mourning having “failed” at being a teacher and wanted something personal to accomplish as I reentered corporate software development.

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So, I was glancing through some photos on Facebook from the Hannah/Alex wedding this summer (where the back of my head was camera-happy, evidently), and I realized that my locs are kinda awesome. I’ve done a pretty good job of weaning myself off of being all hair-ful and stuff, but the photos surprised me a bit. There’s color variation I wasn’t expecting, and… personality.

They’re moderately “mature” now — I’ve had them for about a year and a half, and while I’m not sure if they’ll tighten up more, they’re definitely well-entrenched. I used to (and still do) ogle the locs of other folks when I’m out and about; now I wonder if people do the same to mine.

Locs, part deux

About a month ago, I started down the journey to locs again. The comb coils from a couple of months back hadn’t worked, but this time I tried a technique I hadn’t seen on the internet: I just rubber-banded my hair into sections. They looked like little puffs (or even bantu knots) for a while, and I got a lot of Matrix comments.

About a week ago, there was enough growth for me to start latching, although I needed to keep the rubber bands on. I latched. Yay.

I couldn’t get them clean, however. I workout almost daily, and I just couldn’t shampoo enough to get the roots clean (the roots, not even the part that was knotting up!). Clarifying shampoos, etc., were no go. It was becoming a stressor.

So I took them out last night.

I’ve got a few ideas as to how to start them that might work better (smaller sections, for one, so the roots are easier to get at), but it’s going to be a minute before I try again.

Right now, where I am in my life, I need a wash-n-go style. I don’t need to care about fundamental things like why my hair won’t get very clean; I just want clean, healthy hair.

So I’m rocking my little afro again. Locs are going to have to be patient for me.