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    All 5 of Dem There K’s

    It was marvelous. It was exhausting. I’m still sore. With everyone’s help, I raised $660 in the Hopebuilders 5k fundraiser. Thank you! Saturday, at the surprisingly early-feeling 08:00 EST, me, Greg, Scott, Shelton, and Kim gathered in the morning chill. I was already leg-sore from a Jillian Michaels workout Friday night. (I do that workout on mute–something about her manner is so off-putting.)

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    Weekly linkage

    This week’s internet cruising: Lymejello – Wow. Speaking of telling difficult stories. Lyme disease is apparently no joke. I remember seeing the photos in middle school health class–a ringed rash, warnings that it could kill untreated, but not that it was so damned debilitating. My Hopebuilders 5k page – Yeah, I'm a punk. Go donate and push me to run. If I meet my fund-raising goal, I'll run it hard. Tim Gunn Is A National Treasure – "[W]hen I visit department stores and I go to the shop that’s called “woman,” I am horrified! Horrified by the awful, degrading, disrespectful choices that women have." 10 Usability Tips Based on Research…

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    Fundraising Challenge: Hopebuilders 5k

    Bright and early on October 9, I’ll be walking in the Hopebuilders 5k here in Charlotte to help a local children’s hospital. Gotta help the chillun. I’m walking with an awesome team, The Kings and Queens of Pretty. No, that name wasn’t my idea. …Okay, maybe it was. See, what had happened wuz, everyone on the team makes pretty things: websites, games… websites… Anyway, the name works. I did this one last year with some of the Skookum team, and it was a blast. This year, I’m going to mix it up a bit. Buh-buh-BUH: The Challenge Over on the left of this-here blag (if you aren’t on a mobile…