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Weekly Linkage

This week’s internet cruising:

  • Seriously? – bitquabit

    [H]e identified the Three “P”s of entrepreneurship:

    'Profits, people and…you can figure it out.'

    [Muttering amongst the audience.]

    'Women. People, profits, and women. Or men. Whatever. People, profits, and women.'

    No, no. He really means "Profits, people, and pussy." That shit's not funny.

  • BBC World Service – Outlook, Neda Soltani: mistaken for a dead icon – Heard this story on NPR on an early, early morning drive to work. This was fucked up; it ruined her life in Iran and sent her fleeing to Germany to avoid (further) persecution by the Iranian government. Continue reading Weekly Linkage

The Charon Sheet: A Facelift

The homepage after the early 2012 redesign.About damn time, really.

The old site was brown and more brown, combined with a ginormous font file resulting in some terrible behavior.

I shall say no more. Those dark times are past.

I’ve been working on the redesign for a while, and I hate that it took so long, but I’m pretty happy with the results. Still kept the dark feel, but moved away from the monochrome look.

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Ghost Characters Sheets: Simple JavaScript is Magick

I’ve written before about writing a character sheet manager for Geist characters, but there have been some upheavals within the Camarilla (now the Midnight Dance, a non-profit separate from White Wolf) that have the project on hold.

For one, their developers may be doing it themselves, and they’re competent.

For another, even if they don’t, they may be exposing a handy API that I can tie into.

Lastly, I’m busy finishing a novel at the moment.

That said, Greg offers Midnight Dance/Camarilla prestige (like, um, club brownie points; with enough of them, you can get more XP for your characters) if we submit ghost non-player characters to him. It’s not terribly onerous to do, but if you don’t have the book and don’t make them often, it can be annoying to remember the calculations for stats like Willpower.

So I made a JavaScript-based ghost character sheet. Plug in the basics of the ghost’s stats and background, and the calculated values will spit out for you.

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Quasi-daily linkage