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Wednesday Weekly Winkage

Not, of course, limited to Wednesdays. Today just happens to be one. …Barely.

I shall open with a video of Nayna, my belly dance instructor, from a couple of months ago:

I’m somewhere off to the left, wishing I’d brought my own camera. This was after class, so I don’t feel bad about watching my instructor dance instead of dancing myself.

Meditation: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Two lessons learned yesterday:

  1. It’s hard to express super-crunkedness about meditation, and
  2. it’s hard to meditate for an hour.

I went to this group meditation thing last night, and holy crap. I’m a novice (again) at meditation, so I’m normally working in, like, 10 minute stints. How about 25 minutes sitting, 10 minutes walking, then 25 more minutes sitting?

Three years ago, I could almost do that.

I knew enough this time to get a chair. I have subpar leg circulation, so sitting cross-legged–even on a cushion with butt elevation–would end in tears and a desire for leg amputation.

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