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Smanging It

Honestly, I wouldn’t normally give some random internet video an entire blog post, but this… I’m… I’m still laughing at this. It’s brought such joy to me.

Every time I watch it, I see something new. First, it was the fact that the main singer is reminiscent of Pootie Tang, and that they surely pulled in Charlie Murphy for the other guy.

Then it was the ridiculous bodyrolls.

Then it was the words.

Then (thanks to Greg), it was the main singer’s stare. o_o

And so I invite you to get on the “Lemme Smang It” bandwagon.

Lo lo lo, or la la la?

I hadn’t seen this before Sunday, and it seems there are other folks in my circle who haven’t, either, so here it is.

Eduard Khil’s “Trololo”

That is all.

Well, not really:

What He Should Be Saying

Eduard Khil Watching Parodies of Himself

(Closed captioning is on.)

In other news, I spent last weekend in San Antonio. I’ll have a Transhuman Congress story posted very soon relating to my experience, as well as a bunch photos of peeps.