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    The Move: Adventurous, Painful, Mostly Done

    All that’s left are little bits, the plants, and the cleaning. Oh, the cleaning… We had amazing and invaluable help from Chris and Shurn, but I’m pretty confident that our next move will use hired help. It’s just not cool to inflict that on people you love.

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    I have pictures as the house gets cleaned up one box at a time. I moved in successfully (barely) last Friday night (the 29th). The empty house: And after I got my stuff in: I had no idea that I had that much furniture. I feel better in that Greg’s been living like a hobo in terms of home decor and that I’m essentially furnishing the entire house. That didn’t make the move any easier, though, except that we didn’t have to move an equal amount of furniture on Saturday. Jackie was scared shitless all throughout the move. They were both so bewildered by the whole thing, although they love…