The Move: Adventurous, Painful, Mostly Done

All that’s left are little bits, the plants, and the cleaning.

Oh, the cleaning…

We had amazing and invaluable help from Chris and Shurn, but I’m pretty confident that our next move will use hired help. It’s just not cool to inflict that on people you love.

Greg fell in quick love with this apartment when we viewed it in early June, and although it’s certainly not as new and shiny as the house we’re moving from or the model we viewed, it’s still pretty good digs. Much cheaper, too, which I’m digging.

Moving from a two-story house to a flat apartment is actually making me feel a bit off-balance. I expect an extra dimension to my living now that isn’t there. Sitting in the living room, I can hear Greg typing over there instead of hearing his 8-bit music up there. The dishwasher is closer to and facing the living room, making for a lot of more noise when it’s running.

Everything feels… close. I kinda love it, and, as I said, kinda feel off balance.

When I don’t feel is claustrophobic. Three hundred fewer square feet is mos def noticeable (especially since we aren’t unpacked yet), but the place still feels spacious.

I still want to consolidate more and reduce the amount of furniture we have. For instance, I have a whole set of dresser drawers that are two drawers wide, three drawers tall (which I cut down to only being half full just as we moved) and Greg has a set of stacking container-y things he uses for drawers. I want to consolidate into just one set (he’s not a fan). Moving both sets was a pain. If we don’t consolidate, I want a smaller, lighter solution–something I could tuck into the closet. Right now, both sets of our folded clothes are going to be in our bedroom, taking up valuable space.

Unfortunately, I managed to do something terrible to my already wonky left shoulder during the move. While the arm’s not completely useless for normal things (it is for lifting), it won’t rotate fully along any axis without a boatload of pain, joint clicking, and uneven rotation/jerking in the socket.

Ow. Not quite sure what to do about that.


  • Gregory Weir

    Speaking as someone who used one of those basket drawer things growing up, they never quite fit right. The friction of the drawers in the frame becomes a daily microannoyance. Of course, both of us are using janky drawer sets right now. We’ll need to be careful when upgrading to make sure we get a good set.

    • Melissa Avery-Weir

      Very valid point! I had them as a kid, too, and the paint wore off in the runners, resulting in metal-on-metal fun. Then the frame got a bit twisted in one of our many moves, resulting in some unusable drawers.

      …Maybe I need a better idea.

  • Mark Konieczny

    Reading it,… and from stories I have heard,.. Hired moving help can be really dodgy,.. like you can badly get what you pay for, and even have all your stuff stolen,.. Its not pretty but as often as not,.. that pizza & 6-pack is a lot cheaper,. even after you mend your close friends frayed nerves.