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Conscious decisions

It came to my attention this weekend in a discussion with WO that our culture has an unsurprising tendency to call women “girls”, especially in my age group. “Guys” is considered equivalent to “girls”. Not a big deal, not really a belittling of women worth noting.

Or is it? While it may not be as prominent an issue as using “cunt” or “gay” to be pejorative, I think it does shape our view of gender.

In following a thread of links about [tag]pornographer[/tag]s calling their actresses “sluts” and “whores” today, I ran across a well-written piece by a porn photographer denouncing such practices. He went on to say that those sort of descriptions digust him, and that he’d never call his girls anything like that.

Um, what?

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Cabarrus county schools blocking access to LGBTQ sites?

According to Nathan (curly, not blond):

Synopsis: the [Cabarrus County] public school system’s firewall is blocking LGBTQ sites without blocking other sites that I would consider parallel (say, http://www.operationsaveamerica.org).

It’s not that the sites are thought of as related to sex (vs. sexuality), or something graphic. “The reason these sites are denied is as follows: ‘Gay, Lesbian, or bisexual interest.'”

I really like the way Nathan and his partners in crime are handling this:

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