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A day for pride

Not only am I the editor-in-chief of an award-winning newspaper, but I now have the pride of bring the head of a newspaper that promotes enough controversy to have our office trashed/vandalized.

This is one for the history books, folks.


  • bekah

    That is AWESOME.
    As long as no one got hurt….
    Way to go and keep up the good work!

  • Lissa

    One or more people were upset by an anti-abortion advertisement that we ran, and trashed the outside of the Thorn office after pulling all of the advertisements (they were separate inserts) from the stacks (of 1000+ issues!).

    No damage was done and cleanup was fairly quick (although the resulting quantity of trash was heavy).

    As for who, I have some evidence as to who might have been involved, but it’s circumstantial.

  • Guy

    Wait… anti-anti-abortion protestors tore up a place? That’s a new one. In Indiana of all places…

  • t33b

    ha. don’t know how i ended up here, but now that i am, wanted to say two things.

    * it’s hillarious that Rose hasn’t changed in 10 years
    * it’s hillarious that I thought I was looking at my site when i came here…

    peace and stuff,

  • Dess

    That’s amazing. Although I probably disagree with the advertisement, I am completely in support of your printing it. It reminds me of when people were up in arms about the topless bar ads we ran.
    People are stupid, I hope you run that ad over and over.