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Project Managing on a Micro Scale

Not micro-projects, necessarily, but micro-team: Greg and I.

I thoroughly enjoy project management, enough so that I’m willing to do it at least a little in my free time every day. That’s checking on tasks’ statuses, project timelines, testing projects in progress, offering feedback and suggestions, and gently kicking in the ass.

Well, as gently as I do anything.

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Google Apps: Migration to New Services

As of yesterday, I had two Google accounts: my irrsinn.net Google Apps account and my regular ol’ Google Account. Both had the same email address, but the Google Account let me into services like Reader, Voice, and Feedburner.

Having two accounts was annoying, but not unbearable. It meant that Google Voice, for instance, had none of my preciously-maintained and iWone-synced contacts. I just created contacts within Voice as calls came in, no biggie, but I’ve definitely been using the service less as a result.

Turns out that Google’s been working on this, and recently added a boatload to services to Google Apps users: Voice, Feedburner, and Reader being the three I’m more interested in. AdSense was tricky, and was only moved for posterity. Continue reading Google Apps: Migration to New Services

Blagowub Admins: Install a Comment Notifier

I’m commenting a fair amount more on the blogs I read, and one of my growing peeves at this point is when there’s no email comment notifier on a blog. WordPress makes this easy. Drupal makes this easy. Livejournal’s been doing this forever. Of course.

Really and truly, I’m not going to check anyone’s post twice a day for the next week to see if there are other interesting comments or replies to mine. Judging by the way commenting conversation has changed on this blog since putting a comment notifier in place, I’d say few other people inclined to read more than a few blogs are, either.

I browse the interwubs on three different computers (in different browsers) every day–I have no consistent browser history with which to easily revisit sites and I have very few synchronized bookmarks.

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