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    “Expanding Borders” posted

    Got a new Transhuman Congress story posted, this one finally introducing — sort of — the leader of the majority party, Chelsea Sears. “Expanding Borders“: The doctors told me that I was stuck in my own head. I wasn’t. I was in the nets all the time, doing ten things at once with a bunch of people. I was rarely ever alone. “Terminal absorption” was what the doctors called it. Despite what the vids showed, very few people had personalities really obsessive enough to be likely to fall to it. This is one of my few attempts at first-person narrative, and while it think it works for this character and…

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    Three fun things on dance-day

    In reverse order of occurrence: Assmar makes me do funny things Like ride down the highway in 40-degree weather with the windows down and the heat blasting at the floorboards. The cool air lowers my body temperature (bad cooldown after hip-hop) and the hot air keeps my lungs from seizing up in the cold. Seems weird to me.

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    Feeling way behind

    I came down with a cold two weeks ago, and the next thing I know, I’ve missed three of my own deadlines for posting stories, haven’t danced in two Mondays, and haven’t done a lick of the design work for the non-profit I’m trying to work with. In good news, I can sleep soundly through the night again without choking on my own phlegm. It’s times like these that remind me not to try to “catch up”, but just to keep moving. It’s not like I fell off a bandwagon; I can’t make up for two weeks of missed productivity. That said, there will be a story this Saturday. It…

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    “Entering Valhalla” posted

    Moving a bit in the timeline of the Transhuman Congress to the late 25th century with “Entering Valhalla“: “There’s no way you finished Mueller’s game already! Sweet kittens, that fifth scenario is ridiculous!” Nana whined. Viktoriya sighed and pulled a short blue dress from her closet. “Just use a slingshot around Cyrus. That’ll get you out of the system with your money. Since you know the secret, can we please go out to finish shopping? You’ll have time tomorrow morning to finish that one.” She touched a panel on her wall and held the dress up against herself as the wall shimmered into a mirror. Perfect.

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    Another story series started

    Whoo. If you can believe it, I’m starting up a second story series, tentatively titled “The Witches of Ming Ung“, which will be published on Wednesdays. Transhuman Congress will continue to be published on Saturdays. “Witches” is a fixed-length series, so it won’t just be me splashing around in a pool of gooshy artificial intelligences. It’s science fiction, like TC, but in a different ‘verse and with a different feel. It’s a journey with a beginning and an end. The first baby is called “First sight“: She hit the streets running, heading out of her tiny town, out into the desert. She ran straight towards Hun and Han, both heavy…