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    Pity Serves No End

    I recently started attending an ethical explorations group that’s reading and discussing the 1998 book Drugs, edited by Jeffrey Schaler, and while I’m thoroughly enjoying the banter and ideas being spouted, two things have gotten my back up in my first two sessions: Ageism against youth, and Dehumanization of drug users

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    Missing: spiritual discourse

    A visit to my favorite local UU church this past weekend led to the realization that I probably won’t be getting my spiritual fulfillment from a church any time soon. The two things that draw me to church are: the peaceful environment; the people — my friends and their parents and the various children; and the promise of some spiritual tidbit being intellectually examined in a way that leaves me enriched in some way when it’s over. I don’t think I can get that from a standard sermon. The last really requires discussion, not a lecture/sermon, and optimally a discussion with some of those people I’m there to be with.…