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    Tons of Videos!

    Actually, like 3 videos. But they’re good ones! Plus a few miscellaneous links. First, a video: My question: Why can’t he pull out a chair? Turns out, home skillet has a bad back. To offset that, a bit of cuteness: Maximumble – comic #594 – Ship. Mew.

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    Deliberate starvation

    I find that I have a lot of trouble mustering the courage to write about weight loss here. I mean, to really write about it, to give numbers and talk about specific failures and how I felt and how much weight loss sucks. My one goal for 2008 (from March 1, 2008 to March 1, 2009) is and was to lose 35.9 pounds. I’ve lost 14.6 lb since then (for a while I flailed about, very confused as to what to do), which leaves me with… 21.3 lb. In about 21 weeks. Doable, if I keep on the path I’m going. I use the Hacker’s Diet Online to track my…