On Life and Love

Tons of Videos!

Actually, like 3 videos. But they’re good ones! Plus a few miscellaneous links.

First, a video:

My question: Why can’t he pull out a chair? Turns out, home skillet has a bad back.

To offset that, a bit of cuteness: Maximumble – comic #594 – Ship. Mew.

As is my tendency, some physical stuff:

  • Why Women Need Iron : Games and Trips – "We are trained by the world around us to have fucked up ideas about our bodies; iron unfucks them."
  • The Muscular Female Body Under Scrutiny : Games and Trips – "Embedded in these discussion is the assumption that fitness is something that women do to look good to men. Embedded in these discussion is that fitness is ultimately about vanity. Embedded in these discussion is the assumption that women’s bodies are public property and deserve to be judged."
  • Long, slow walks may beat shorter, higher intensity runs – TODAY Health – "[T]he intriguing finding was that the measurements were far better when the students spent six hours a day walking and standing than they were when volunteers vigorously exercised an hour a day. Triglycerides, for example, barely improved with vigorous exercise, but were 22 percent better when volunteers spent only 8 hours a day sitting."

And two more must-watch videos:

…Yeah. So that happened.

And finally, on a more heartbreaking and uplifting note: