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Initial story management plugin done

My initial pass at the story management plugin is in place. It doesn’t do the fancy things I want it to do yet, but it can note the root page of a series, output a list of stories in story-date order on that root page, note the arcs, and give Next/Previous links using the actual story names in the individual stories.

Not bad for about 3 hours of work. Especially having to code around my elbows in WP.

Interesting note: PHP stores timestamps as integers, which means that to get dates beyond the year 2038, I used this nifty little Date class. Dropped in like a charm, doesn’t seem to have caused any conflicts with other parts of WordPress.

I think I’ll polish the plugin up a bit (give it a description, for instance) and toss it up in the WP plugin library. It’s not very configurable at the moment, but that’ll probably wait until I get in the sorting features that I want.

Story engine

I’ve always loved the simplicity and pleasantness of whatever must be under the hood of Elf’s stories — he seems to have easy management of story arcs, multiple sortings of stories, multiples sets of stories, next and previous buttons within stories, etc.

I’m debating how I want to build my own little story engine. Right now, my stories are in WordPress, published as page. One avenue I could take would be to write a WordPress plugin to allow me to manage stories the way I want — keep them as pages, but add the fluff I want.

Another avenue would be to roll my own — make a separate little system in Python or Ruby, whatever. Not a web-based system, but a system that just parses the stories into HTML files based on when I want them published, and lets me do all the features above. Have it run daily as a cron job.

I don’t know how much I want to tie myself to the WordPress monolith — for instance, it’d be nice to have the pages be static HTML without explicit caching. But a WordPress plugin would be something others might be interested in.

Then again, mucking around in other people’s code is likely to be messy. And less fun. And still in PHP.

Sounds like I may do the standalone system.

Daily tasteeness (2008-01-20)

Organize & Prepare: Do Your Taxes Quickly | My Dollar Plan
The title says it all. This seems like a good way to get organized to make taxes simpler.

Single Guy Money: Save Money on Auto Insurance
I just ripped Progressive a new one for how much I’ve been overcharged for my car insurance. If you have the money to do so, Single Money Guy has some tips to get discounts on insurance.

Time To Call The Credit Card Company
“If you are trying to get out of credit card debt, you might want to think about giving your credit card company a call.” Get your rates reduced, increase your limit, waive balance transfer fees… Make it easier to get out of debt. Argue well.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Spending Cash | The Happy Rock
I mentioned previous that I was using cash to help with my budgeting/spending issues. This post lists some of the pros and cons of spending cash.

PuTTY: a free telnet/ssh client
Now that I’ve left Rose and had my laptop eaten by cats, I don’t have access to the nice college software for SSH access. So I’m reduced to using the free stuff, like Putty. It’s not bad, honestly. I’d recommend it for SSH, although not for FTP.

How to Automate Your Personal Finances ∞ Get Rich Slowly
Automating finances is a crucial way to get saving rolling and debt paid off. I’m not a fan of all of the steps here — I don’t agree with consolidating your bank accounts in one place — but overall, these are wise steps to follow.

Ask the Readers: Should I Prepare My Own Taxes or Go to an Accountant? ∞ Get Rich Slowly
My taxes aren’t complicated yet, but I do have a friend who will soon be running his own business and I am woefully tax-ignorant. I’ve leaked money like a sieve the last two years on my taxes, and this post reminded me that I need to get more educated.

WordPress 2.3 compatible WordPress – Del.icio.us Daily Synchronization script
I’ve been having a lot of trouble trying to get my del.icio.us links to post. The method on the del.icio.us site itself doesn’t work for me, and I wanted a bit more customization over style and format. So currently, I’m playing with this perl script.