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Not much new going on… My debate with Cleric turned to the irresolvable debate of choice vs. nature for sexuality (as I suspected it would eventually). I say nature (although you can choose your actions/lifestyle that are based on that nature), he says choice for it all (as in, he chose to be attracted to women and not to men, etc.). It’s an interesting twist, but I suspect the whole debate shall fizzle out for a while. Sorry, dude.

Friday I went to work with Michael; essentially, we dug for eight hours. Actually, there’s no “essentially” about it: we just dug for eight hours with a couple of breaks (and really good peanut butter and jelly sandwiches). It’s interesting how hard and how easy that sounds and is. It’s physically hard, but not mentally difficult or intellectually challenging. But I tend to underestimate how physically challenging work like that will be (and, apparently, the monetary worth of such work). You’re working, and digging, and you hate to even look at a clock (I carefully didn’t bring one), because you just know that, although you started at 07:00 and have been digging hours and have that tightness building up in your back and that throbbing going on in your feet, that it’s only 07:05. Unfortunately, it usually is. And yet, it wasn’t killer, like to the point that I thought I was going to injure something (like myself or Michael) or not being able to finish the day’s work (it didn’t help that Michael kept making me laugh, though, which is quite a tiring act in and of itself). It did leave me just sort of sitting fairly still all day Saturday, though. Well, I stretched a little (or tried to), but the sedentary life was the life for me yesterday. There wasn’t a muscle that didn’t hurt, which gave my parents quite the laugh as I trudged/limped around the apartment; even my thumbs hurt and didn’t want to move. And the mosquitos had three full meals and some snacks from one of my arms.

Michael and I decided to hang out that night, though, ‘cuz it was Friday and… well, ‘cuz it was Friday. Turns out we were really too tired to do anything other than play a game of Star Wars themed-Strate-go (through which I cheated like a bum, laughing giggling hysterically the whole time). For some odd reason, I simply could not convince him to go see the sexy pirate movie… Hmph.

Luckily for me, my mother was game last night. Michael was right: it’s high time I obsessed about something; how else can I live up to my full obsessive personality-type potential? Bru-ha-ha.

[Listening to: Linkin Park – Meteora – Nobody’s Listening]

I Feel Short

I’m just about sick of being examined. Yesterday was my first doctor’s visit in two years, and my first physical in about three years. Contrary to the sage advice of my friend Jenny, I did not have my pap smeared (ew, ew, ew). Rose-Hulman requires a battery of tests, however, including (and this surprised even my doctor), an exercise test, in which the doc measures your resting pulse, then you jog in place for a minute, then your pulse is measured again immediately after, then again two minutes later. But all in all, the exam went well. Apparently, there is nothing to be done about the icky sac of fluid on my knee; it’s been there five years now, and there’s apparently no damage to cartiledge or anything, so it just sits there, more disturbing than painful (unless pressed). Um, yeah. Ew.

What was disturbing about the exam was the height measurement. I had no real idea of how tall I am; I figured I was about 5 feet, 6 inches, maybe even 7 inches. It turns out that I’m 5 feet, 5.5 inches (1.66 m). Now, a half an inch doesn’t sound like much difference, but there’s a big psychological difference between 5 and a half feet and anything less. That makes you short. Damn.

I may be short, but that’s okay, ‘cuz short people kick ass too.

I visited the optometrist today for an eye exam, and to see if I needed new glasses. Turns out only one of my eyes has worsened in prescription, and that’s only a single level. So I used my visit to get a second pair of lenses in my old nifty Jeep frames to take to college as backup. I would seriously hate to get eleven hours away from home, melt my glasses to slag doing some funky chemistry experiment, and be without a pair for the length of time to mail a backup pair from home or find a doctor in Terre Haute that has accepts my insurance, etc., etc. I got out el-cheapo, even though I got all the scratch-resistant stuff and transition lenses on the second pair (shh, don’t tell Dad).

Oh, and Pirates of the Caribbean? Just as good and funny the second time, even if you’re sitting in the front row and the entirety of the screen just fits in the area of the magnified vision provided by your glasses when pushed high on your nose. It does prove frustrating when the glasses slide down, though, as they tend to.

Speaking of feeling short, I think I got the short end of a debate that’s been going on for the last little while with an old high school buddy that I shall call Cleric. If one were to sum up Cleric’s stance on political, social, or moral issues, one would be best suited to call them Conservative Christian. But he’s polite in an argument/debate, so I can deal with that. Nor does he preach or push, really, which is something I can’t even say I don’t do. Anyway, Cleric weighed in on the Reparations and neo-Nazis posts, as he has done on a few other issues, and a great, meandering low-key debate began. We both know that we won’t change each other’s opinions on anything, but he does often give me something to think about, so neither of us get particularly upset by what the other says anymore (at least, I try not to). Anyway, as sort of a joke (or, rather, in a very light-hearted manner), as well as to see if his response would fit the typical, conservative Christian viewpoint, I asked his opinon of the sodomy ruling. His response essentially criticized the idea of the privacy of the act excusing it–it sets a dangerous precedent for other things “consenting adults” may choose to do, like drugs or other potentially harmful activities. Actually, I shouldn’t say drugs, I suppose, because I fear a Liberatarian teacher of mine rubbed off on me somewhat (with regards to the whole marijuana idea)–if you choose to kill yourself in a manner that doesn’t harm others (unlike smoking in public, let’s say) in the privacy of your home, should the government interfere? Can they? Likewise, why the hell is suicide illegal? I don’t get that. If you’re at the point of committing suicide, are you thinking about the fact that when you die you will be committing a crime?

But the whole privacy precedent is potentially dangerous. So, geek that I am, I went and read some of the Court and Dissenting Opinons… or whatever they call it. Anyway, I made a rebuttal that mentioned that the emphasis seemed to be (acknowloging my utter lack of knowledge about laws and the fact that I read only part of the report) on the Equal Protection Clause and the Due Process Clauses of the Fourteenth and Fifth Amendments. And I think that the legal precedent set is important, although I think any other ruling would have been completely absurd. As I wrote in the e-mail: “[T]o condemn men who [want, either through choice or nature] to have sex with another man (and what would you have them do, never have sex in their entire lives?!) or people who wish to engage in oral sex (as that’s covered in [some of these “sex laws”] as well) is outside of the scope of the gov’t’s role.” The ruling going any other way is kind of a funny (in a horrific way) thought; what would the government do, start picking up any people who fit the homosexual stereotypes? It’s utterly absurd. But if the Court had to result to funky methods to achieve that ruling, something which is unnoticable to my legally-ignorant self or others… I don’t know. I would just hate to see this ruling overturned later on a technicality.

What I was orignally heading towards, though, was that Cleric also asked why homosexuals are pushing so hard for same sex marriages. He pointed out that in most states they can get unions and “they can even call it marriage”, but the legality of it, the wills, taxes, etc., aren’t handled the same. He also asked why “they want the rest of us to justify them”. And this is why I feel shorted. I replied with my own question and expounded upon it a little: “Why are they denied it?” I see it as no different than racism–you can stick your moral judgement on it, you can justify that with religion, but you are still condemning a group of people who are different than you to a “separate but equal” stance, which is, in fact, not equal, particularly morally. While it isn’t as bad as what blacks went through in this country, if we compare every instance of racism to the plight of blacks, then no other oppressed group would ever get any airtime for their problems. So I consider it a valid argument.

Not all of this was in the reply e-mail. Just the basic ideas and a couple of sub-points. His response? That my political arguments (regarding the Lawrence vs. Texas ruling, I presume) make some sense. I wanted an irresolvable argument in which he defended his viewpoints, dammit. Hell, he didn’t even say precisely what his opinions were!

Grr. I feel short. And shorted.


Sometimes I wish that someone could forcibly ban me from using all communications devices after, say, midnight. Almost an entire post dedicated to the sexiness of certain pirates, complete with bad, sick jokes? Ugh.

It’s kinda funny in a “Dear god, I wrote that?!” type of way, so it stays.

Who needs alcohol/drugs to fuck them up? Just learn to get a bad case of the giggles when you’re tired, and you’re a walking entertainment center. And it’s much worse in person than in writing, I assure you.

I found myself watching the History Channel today (which is not an odd phenomenon in and of itself), and in particular a two-hour show on the history of Nazis in America. It was odd. I kept noticing little things, like how the narrator showed clear bias when talking about the history (against the Nazis), and how they kept throwing up bleach-blonde bimbos and rednecks as examples of modern neo-Nazis. But they actually had some of the former leaders commenting and telling some of the story (pulled straight from jail, I believe). I thought that was particularly interesting; it didn’t even hit me that when they said so-and-so (I don’t remember his name) was the author of the Turner Diaries in the little box under his face that it was really that guy, until they got around to the more modern stuff. Then all his racist commentary took on a different light. I mean, this guy was one of the major leaders of the neo-Nazis (unless I’m mixing up the guys), and his book inspired Timothy McVeigh to do the Oklahoma City Bombing (I was so young when that happened that even now I know very little about it).

But how should one feel, listening to the history of a group of people that targets, along with other groups, of course, your race for destruction? To think that skin tone changes anything… We’re all guilty of that, to some extent (or race wouldn’t even be an issue, or even exist in our society anymore), but I, for one, have never had thoughts about exterminating an entire race. I simply can’t wrap my mind around the idea that some folks have so much hate, so much self-rightousness in their cause, that anyone who opposes or slightly deviates from their ideal should be slaughtered like diseased cattle. I guess that means I’m healthy. Or at least something close to it. Of course, it’s probably quite similar with any fanatic, extremist group, but the Aryan Nation is so right here, in America. Any bald-headed, angry looking man or aggressive bleach-blonde chick could be a member, you know? I jest, of course, but only slightly.

They’re as much a part of American history as the black militant groups, the Great Awakenings, the witch hunts, etc. and their history is just as tumultuous as one would expect. But it’s an interesting history nonetheless.

Sexy, sexxxy!

I went to see me some sexy pirates tonight. That is, of course, a reference to the movie Pirates of the Caribbean (I never know which movie site is best to link to, so I shall link to none). Those are some damn sexy pirates. Oh, and the lady was pretty, too, so the hetero guys and lesbians and… folks who dig chicks won’t be too bored with all that fighting.

For some reason, I think Johnny Depp is such an amazing actor. He’s one of those that can play (and has) in such a variety of roles very damned well. He played the goofy pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean (wait, are movie titles italicized?), and although I couldn’t tell if he was a lush or just… odd, he did the part well. He also played the studious guy (although also funny) in that movie about Hell and a book, the drug addict guy in Blow, etc., etc. All I can say is that he will probably never get into one of those ruts that other actors seem to. Actually, “rut” is probably a harsh word; I mean the actors like Clint Eastwood or maybe even John Cusack (and upcoming ones like Jason Biggs and that Prince, Jr. guy) who get stuck playing pretty much the same role in every movie. They have “successful” careers (i.e. they make a lot of money), but they’re the ones who, if you ever saw them in a movie that wasn’t their typical type, you’d have a hard time seeing them as fitting for the role. You can kinda expect Depp to just pop up.

But those were some sexy pirates.

Of course, I am just talking about Depp and Bloom here. The guys with the rusticated (of course that’s a word) teeth were entertaining, but not sexy. I have to state for the record that the whole dead/alive, lack of hygine thing just was not working for me, given that I’m a two-showers-a-day chick. But the fact that Depp could pull off even wearing gold teeth (sorry, I can’t do that whole gansta thing) says a lot for him. What it says other than the fact that he’s sexy (and for clarification for a buddy who I’m sure will ask, yes, he is indeed a sexy beast), I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s something deep. But who needs depth, right?

Are my puns completely dead tonight? Well, it is late.

On a completely irrelevant note, it seems these past few days are my days to be joshed. Hee hee. What an odd word, “joshed”. Yes, Raven was just having a joke at my expense, and so was Karsh. Silly me to miss the humor. Of course, everyone’s always friggin’ kidding, aren’t they? AREN’T THEY? Why, all these years that taught me to take folks’ comments seriously and try to learn from my mistakes and all that jazz (la la la la… *Ahem*. Sorry.), and I could have saved myself mucho time and worry by taking it all as a joke. Hee hee. Nah. Ooh, ooh! Can I pick who’s turn it is next to be bothered?

“Relax, relate, release.” (Uh-oh, should I have e-mailed to ask if I could pull that quote? *nail-biting*) I like that. It’s a pretty annoying saying, actually, when someone’s telling it to you and that’s what you’re trying to do. But it’s a good saying and philosophy nonetheless.

I feel sad that, with all this fighting over my reparations post (actually, it was just everyone laughing at my reparations post in various places), no one is actually arguing about the issue (other than the e-mail comments I received). So does it all boil down to whether “free money is automatically good” versus not? It seems like it doesn’t matter to anyone (yes, that elusive “everyone”) whether reparations actually solves any problems.

I’m tired. Find someone else to laugh at tonight, or at least do it behind my back. Bonsoir.