Briefly touching on a multitude of topics before hitting the hay.

I survived the job without any illness or deaths. I actually think it’s going to be Wednesday when I die. But I have my feet under me just enough to be able to cope in working the Desk by myself, I think, even though I won’t be any kind of fast or efficient yet.

I even went for a run after work. Unfortunately, this was in lieu of dinner, but I made up for it in cookies consumed at the Negroid Party I went to.

Unlike the last one, this one was fun, simply because I am a lot more social and a little less self-conscious. Andrea and I rode the waves of sugar-highs and made fun of people, as we are wont to do. When D., who we all know and dislike for his work ethic, came in more buttered than breakfast toast, we just had to make fun. Particularly when he started eating stuff. Oh, dear.

It was interesting being there with Andrea and S., two girls I hung around a fair amount last year. They brought up old shit I’d completely forgotten about, like the fury I unleashed on them upon receiving an e-mailed chain letter from them. I must have opened up some kind of a can, because these two loud girls both got quiet just talking about it. Or our complete disgust with the idiocy of I., who managed [who the fuck knows how] to get a spot as a Sophomore Advisor. The man is as dumb as bricks, and Andrea and I spent one entire NSBE meeting in hysterics laughing at his inability to keep up with the meeting agenda or to absorb the content discussed. Of course, his concentration (such as it is) probably wasn’t helped by the president repeating, “What are you two laughing at?”

I also used Andrea’s picking on a beautifully-sculpted guy as an excuse to get him to sit in my lap. The look of shock on his face was well-worth my horrible blush and corresponding embarrassed giggle. Then there was the fact that once he got over his shock, he actually sat in my lap. *smirk* I win. He smelled nice.

After Andrea left, I just people-watched for a while, which was fun. Most people were involved in the Spades game going on, but a group of upperclassmen, including the visiting former NSBE president–the ex-boyfriend look-alike–formed a group, and D. and another guy p0wned the music laptop, and rapped to the beats they chose.

It was a fun party, and was just as relaxed and social as I needed it to be. I met a good chunk of the black freshmen (I think), and I’ve matched names to faces. Except for, you know, those whose names I never caught.

In other good news, I managed to save myself $68 by borrowing/acquiring (?) an old Comp. Arch book. Fucking A. So far I’ve only had to buy two of four books for the term.

But now I sleep. Tomorrow is laundry day, and I must attempt to acquire a car so that I can get my stuff out of Jenn’s house (and pay the utilities bill) and go to the store, hopefully without selling my soul in the process. This lack-of-car-bullshit just doesn’t cut it in Terre Haute right now (when I still have things to do off-campus and haven’t re-adjusted to not having transportation at all), and I don’t feel comfortable asking Nikolai–I’ve generally been dissociating from him since returning, and I refuse to simply use someone for his car. For his access to Naruto episodes, maybe (which I fully blame on Michael’s buddy Bert), but not his car. Heh.

I think after I get caught up on supplies and errands tomorrow, I should be good for another month or two on transportation needs. It’s just so frustrating to be completely dependent on others for getting around…


  • Bob

    Yeah, not being able to get where you need at times is defintiely a downer. The good thing is that usually there are enough bored people you know that hopefully you can find someone from time to time as needed. I see it here at the house all the time [:)]

  • Lissa

    It’s entirely too heavy for me to pawn off the work onto someone else…

    Maybe Monday after lab, however, I can ride to the house with you, pick up my stuff, then get you to bring me back… [:(]