Goal of the day.

To think of a food that isn’t breakfast food, that doesn’t need to be cooked in some fashion (I have no microwave, and no oven cookware), that can serve as a meal (particularly, as dinner when the cafeteria is closed), and that doesn’t have an expiration date shorter than a month (if it has one at all).

And cheap would be awesome.


  • Bob

    You are definitely running into the land of snack foods…especially with the no cooking and such. Otherwise the only thing I got for you is the dull, but ever present peanut butter and jelly. Turkey will definitely not last that long, although it is the best!

  • Lissa

    Hmm… PB&J… Protein, fat, and simple and complex carbs… I can even buy bread and freeze it during the week when I won’t be eating it. Ah-ha!

  • Michael

    ha ha ha ha ha!

    I like to eat oatmeal (instant packet [contents]) dayround
    Triscuits (or off brand ones)

    not tryN to sound wrong or overprivileged, but is there ne kinda floor microwave?

    canned beans and othe r meats, chicken, vienna sausages, SPAM!, cannned fruit

  • Lissa

    Those would require a can opener, right?

    And yeah, there is a microwave in the kitchen, I think. There should be…