On Life and Love

Anybody heading in my direction?

That’d be away from the city…

Natalie Imbruglia is keeping me company tonight. I owned her CD “Left of the Middle” when it first came out and loved it to death. Literally, apparently, because it subsequently became lost. I blame this on the fact that both my parents loved the CD, too, and each had it in their possession for a time.

At any rate, I lost it, missed it for the past five years, and finally decided I should just buy the damn thing again. So I did.

I need to go to the grocery store before I find myself subsisting entirely on Ramen noodles and pancakes.

Shmoke and a pancake, anyone?

I also need to finish Christmas shopping. *blush*. Rose people (even those whose addresses I collected before I left) are getting their gifts upon our return to campus. Charlotte folks, check your mail after Christmas.

Still hacking on the website. Polished off the little upload script for the Old Man (and others I think may want/need to upload files to my webspace; is there anyone who wants/needs this acess?). After fighting with upload components and fixing navigation, I’m quite done with this shit for now. Ugh. I did add some linkage to some of the newer blogs I’ve picked up and think worth passing along.

I’m thinking of posting chapters of my little story once I start revising it. I’ll probably chicken out before I do it, but the idea is bouncing around in my brain.

My roommate’s laptop was stolen last Tuesday. Apparently, it’s now on it’s way back. She’s not asking, but I am: [continue to] pursue legal action, or live and let live? Having occasionally glimpsed her torment over the past week, and being able to imagine my own distress at having my laptop stolen, I’d be a dirty bum of an idealistic dog if I quickly and immediately said, “live and let live.”

But… all’s well that end’s well, maybe. Maybe. The bloke that took it is apparently panicking; will a guilty conscience be adequate punishment? Is there a need to teach him a “lesson” by taking him to court and racking up legal fees all around? Will that make anyone feel better?

Maybe it will. I think if it were my laptop, I’d want the opportunity to be alone in a padded room with the fucker guy for about five to ten minutes to work out my frustrations, then I’d want to reserve the right to make and post a poster with his mug shot on it and the words “Dumbass who can’t check the ownership of the laptop he stole for five days” under it.

Then I’d be done. I think.

But I probably wouldn’t (couldn’t, in the case of the padded room) do that, so instead I’d go on lots of runs and lots of long walks out in the cold and rant at my friends a lot and all of those other “a lots” that help me relieve stress with minimal damage to anyone other than myself.

Sticky situation, though. I wait with bated breath for the results.

Update: following the thread, the roommate’s boyfriend is out for blood, and people are trés suspicious of the bloke’s excuse of a practical joke. Honestly, I hadn’t even thought to be suspicious of the “practical joke” line of reasoning, but thier suspicions are reasonable…

Had a dream
Had a drowning dream I was in a river of pain
Only difference this time
I wasn’t calling out your name, yeah
Has it ended before it’s begun
You hold on
And I try to run but
Anybody heading in my direction
Away from the city
Anybody wanna change the way they feel
step inside
Doesn’t really matter where you wanna take me
Away from the city
I wanna start again
I wanna start again
I wanna take it back
I wanna start again (more…)

[Listening to: City – Natalie Imbruglia – Left of the Middle (4:34)]