Wa-pow, biatch!

I’d like to preface this by saying that Markov chains are awesomely cool entities.

I’ll also say that I found the opportunity to program them to be fascinating and fun.

I’ll even toss in a (*Grin*) for the grade the testing script gave me. Not perfect, but we’re definitely entering “time sink” area, and I can’t afford that this week.

Now I’m going to bitch about how many miniscule details fucked that shit up every step of the way.

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Five hours of computer use followed by five hours of sleep have been sufficient to bring back my eye problems. Redness, burning, problems focusing, the re-development of a headache induced by eye strain, and the feeling that I’ve dropped about a prescription level in the past two weeks (driving yesterday was fun…).

I’ve even increased the size of fonts on my monitor. *whimper* I’m going to hold out on changing the resolution until I’m damn-near blind, though. $1500 were not payed for this monitor so that it could sit at some typical LCD resolution. Bah.

I am breaking or getting old, one of the two. I know I used to be able to pull worse hours than this with no problem other than general fatigue. Hell, if memory serves, I was doing it just about four damn weeks ago.

What in the fuck is going on?

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Math, writing, and letting things out.

Mathheads (particularly DISCO whores): I’m curious as hell as to whether Scott has an answer (or even a start) for a theoretically unanswerable problem.

I’m also expanding my opnion of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof from “nice entry” to “damned awesome blog”. Her post on her friend AB had my head spinning.

I know what it’s like to never let a single soul push you around or bring you down, to challenge everyone and everthing and stand your ground and then one day wonder how you got to where you are, sitting on the floor feeling like nothing but death. Death of yourself, wishing death on the road as he is driving home. Horrible, wasted, lifeless thoughts. Not because the world is a cold place, not for any loss that you’ve suffered, but for what you’ve become to yourself.

No one can make you, but they can break you, if you let them.

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Goofy, giggle-inducing meme

Your Sexual Flavor Is Vanilla

Sweet, simple, uncomplicated

You go with the flow, and go well with any lover.
You’re not a prudish lover but an adaptable one.
A blank canvas, you’re willing to be painted with any kink.
As long as it’s washed down with some sweet whipped cream.

Secret talent: Pole dancing

What’s Your Sexual Flavor?
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