Shameless linkage. And a little copy-catting.

I’m very late on linking to this, but thebrotherlove recently posted a tribute to Drum ‘n’ Bass (DnB) that is absolutely awesome. At the bottom of the post is a Click it and listen.

Of course, my interest was immediately piqued when I saw the references to Everything But the Girl and Zap Mama, but that’s just me.

Despite my education this summer on electronica, I’m still not quite “up” on all the sub-varieties of the genre. I can recognize Jungle and Dub because of the types I listen to, those tend to be the most recognizable. Distinguishing between DnB and the other * ‘n’ Bass varieties isn’t something I’ve had a lot of practice with. I wouldn’t have thought to put Everything But the Girl’s “Walking Wounded” or “Good Cop Bad Cop” into the DnB category, for instance, although it fits now I’ve listened to it in the context of thebrotherlove’s

Speaking of radio.blogs, I’ve created one. On the right is a link to open a popup of the music player. Currently loaded is some Jurassic 5 and several Natalie Imbruglia songs.

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Anybody heading in my direction?

That’d be away from the city…

Natalie Imbruglia is keeping me company tonight. I owned her CD “Left of the Middle” when it first came out and loved it to death. Literally, apparently, because it subsequently became lost. I blame this on the fact that both my parents loved the CD, too, and each had it in their possession for a time.

At any rate, I lost it, missed it for the past five years, and finally decided I should just buy the damn thing again. So I did.

I need to go to the grocery store before I find myself subsisting entirely on Ramen noodles and pancakes.

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How is it that I’m still up at 03:30…?

So I’m in the parents’ new apartment. It’s a very nice apartment: looks expensive, and folks in this part of the city drive expensive cars. Life goals achieved, right?

I wore my new “I love c_ck” t-shirt (courtesy of Dr. 7, Luke, and Bob; I hate to write that phrase on my website… *cringe* I can only imagine the search hits) home, and my father’s reaction was funnier than my mother’s. She suggested we find another one and buy it for my auntie; my Old Man made all sorts of Old Man faces and frowns.

I spent my first three hours attempting to get myself some Internet (and fixing theirs in the process). This included hunting through every damn box packed from my room (labeled “office”, interestingly enough) until I found a wireless router with which to split their DSL connection. After a bit of hackery to obtain the router’s admin password, I slapped a WEP key on that bitch and had the whole family surfing in no time.

I swear, I think they save these problems just for me. Like blinking VCR lights.

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Two weeks, starting…


My plans for the next two weeks?

First up is a redesign of the data structures I’m using in my UV/VIS program (the first practical use of my soul-sucking Fundamentals III course), as well as working in the other models we need to fit data to.

Reading as many of my Contemporary Latin American assignments (with good notes, etc.) as I possibly can.

Writing my Fundamentals programming assignment.

DISCO homework and remedial work. Maybe the Old Man can help, because holy hell if I’m not getting desperate here… My lack of knowledge has expanded from not being able to count to not being able to do proofs by induction (based on assignments from Fundamentals) and to not being able to deal with relations (which I slept through and failed on my DISCO I exam and never really made up for).

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