On Life and Love

Bestest. Pictures. Ever.

Bob and Luke, two sexy beasts.

On the left is Bob, on the right, Luke. If they’d had sunglasses, they’d have been unstoppable.

The sexy beasts again, being, well, sexy.

We were all trussed up for the Career Fair on Wednesday. Now, Luke insists that he was looking “damned sexy”, but I happen to think most men look better in suits. He insists that he in particular was damned sexy. Of course, Luke is a narcissistic glamor-shot-lovin’ boy who posed for entire series of photos with no qualms whatsoever where I would have run away to hide.

The remainder of those photos are sitting safe and sound on my computer… *smirk*

Right. So. Paper production was decent this week, although I [accidentally] put in a spelling error (in my own damn music review of Ani DiFranco’s Knuckle Down) when I went back in to edit a page after everyone left. Awesome. The mantle is being settled around my shoulders, and while I’m struggling to hold up the weight (this week in particular), it’s not so bad. And I officially have minions, ready and willing to be trained. Now I just need to find non-project and non-homework and non-sleep time to train them.

And I really need to get the sleep thing fixed. Two to three hours of sleep every night this week, and four on Sunday night. What sleep I do get is interrupted with nightmares and breathing trouble. I am all kinds of a mess, and I just want to curl up in a little ball with something warm and comfortable and relax for just. one. night.

But instead I shall finish up this stage of my [FMitAC] team’s design for class at 08:00 and prepare for my big interview at 13:15. I didn’t go to two of my classes today on account of me not feeling quite up to snuff, so I need to be on good behavior tomorrow, assuming I am capable of doing so. Or yesterday and later today, whatever. I did go to work, though, and I did straighten up and act a lot better, although I was sicker than a dog and about to either black-out or puke on poor N’s shoes for most of the time I was there.

Oh, well. Back to the grind, I suppose. The sooner I finish, the sooner I can stride through that finish line: 17:15, or 14 hours from now.

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  • rackrent

    I’m so excited that I found the words “little minions” from my Spanish lit book last night. “los acolitos”, with an accent on the first “o”.