On Life and Love

Next quarter’s schedule

The schedule is here. Really… it’s not looking so bad. The long lab days are probably going to be stressful, and signing up for two credit hours of research has earned me eight hours a week of slave time, but I don’t have to get up for class/work at 08:00 on any day except for Wednesday, which means I officially have scheduled workout time. I also don’t have extracurriculars on Monday and Friday evenings, so I can unwind before homeworking or going out. Also nice is the “empty” time before Thorn on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

And it still is only 14 credit hours. I have supposedly good profs for all of the classes, so while things are going to be hella challenging, I shouldn’t be fighting bad professing and testing on top of that. And I still have ten hours a week of work, so the income levels won’t drop any further than they did when I quit my first job.

I am fairly optimistic for my academic survival, provided I can get ahead enough in A-chem and PLC over break. Should I find myself bored, I can always add an early-hour humanities class to the schedule or take back up my former job…