On Life and Love

Ooh, ooh!

I now officially own my own pair(s) of chopsticks! Mother-dear sent me a care-package, containing mail and some cute clothing and a turtle calendar (!!!) and CHOPSTICKS.

Chopsticks are awesome. Bridget’s boyfriend eats popcorn with them, but I’m tempted to take them to the cafeteria and try to manhandle a salad with them. Soup probably wouldn’t work out so well, but a salad, yes.

(Now if I just need to convince Dr. 7 to cave and let us get Chinese food on Movie Nights… broccoli in garlic sauce… yum…)


  • Hannah

    So, from living amongst a zillion Chinese (and yes, I mean Chinese, not Asian) people here at MIT, I have finally learned that the proper soup technique is, “right-handed chopstickes, left-handed spoon.” It works pretty well. Pick out chunks with chopsticks, drink some broth with spoon. I have to say it is a pretty sweet technique. Well, I would have to say that if I spoke like Napoleon Dynamite.