On Life and Love

Note to self.

Don’t check the project and class grade (now even lower) in your “favorite” class right before going to the presentation of your group project… Silly Lissa.

It’s all on the final at this point. I pass or I fail.

Edit: Presentation done. I think I need to see how much shifting is going to be necessary to get this course into my schedule next term…


  • Hannah

    Is the lowering of this grade based on the not-enough-participation of group members? Sorry for being dense but I don’t really understand where the badness comes from.

    Miss you.

  • Lissa

    Much delayed response, but the badness comes in the horrible drop in morale of seeing a low grade for a class when you know the project you’re presenting is going to lower it even further. It was just disheartening.

    And as far as why the group project didn’t turn out well…. well, it was a tangled web of reasons, not all of which I can figure out beyond “personality clash” and some technical snafus, unfortunately. I’m still thinking about it. You know me and my “let’s leech the most learning we can get out of this” type of thing.

    (And you’re finally getting an e-mail response from me, lady. 🙂 )