On Life and Love

Because I’m sure he won’t mind the invasion of privacy.

So in an e-mail to Dr. 7 last week, I said (among other things), “Wish me a miracle in 230 [on the exam].” (230 is the class I’ve been bitching about all term.)

Dr. 7’s response?

And I am hereby wishing you a 230 Miracle(TM). It’s like a Christmas Miracle(R) except that the role of Kris Kringle is played by Santa Claude [the name of the prof] (because he gives good grades) and the role of lead elf is played by Steve (because he’s short). Anyway, good luck, and don’t let it stress you out too much.

Dr. (3 + 4) (I’m in a hurry, OK?)

Why the “3+4” and the mention of being in a hurry? Because this dorky bum has taken to signing off e-mails with “Dr. (08+17-26+35-44+53-62-71+80)” and other such labels that send my math-dumb brain into convulsions.

But the 230 Miracle (TM) with Santa Claude tickled me pink. My final grade in that class tickled me pink, too. All the energy investment for 230 cost me heavily in discrete math (which I took the next day), but I’d rather repeat that than repeat 230. Hopefully I did well enough on the math final that I can hold a C in the class.

But the quarter is over, I’m in Cincinatti, and I’m trying to sleep and work off the exhaustion of the past eight or so weeks.

I’m also trying to come up with a good recipe to try while I have a kitchen available to me: I’m thinking alfredo sauce for pasta and breadsticks. Maybe that and a good pesto recipe. I want an excuse to use my chopsticks, dammit!

I’m thinking of how I want to rearrange my room, too. My roommate is departing for Texas this weekend, so I now have two desks, her couch, and more than twice the space that I previously had for my crap. I’m particularly excited about the couch, though (and the use of ceiling lights late at night, so as to reduce the eye-twitchiness). It’s a swingy couch, and it’ll be nice to have a place to sit and read or study that isn’t directly in front of my computer; it should kill off my last bit of distractibility when alone, and will help me move completely out of the Thorn office.

I’m also trying to get some damn wireless to work in Linux, but I can’t get good firmware for the W200 card on my Evo n800w to get the damn thing to turn on. (I have no wired connection in my room, and so rely on hijacking wireless from a neighbor.)

But back to e-mail and recipe searching and grocery store shopping and maybe a little working out (I’m running again, yay!) and a whole lot of reading and working.


  • Michael

    still using gentoo? check the wiki? there have been some developments in the world of wireless

  • Lissa

    Switched to Fedora when my HDD died a week ago, but I’ll check Gentoo forums/wiki anyway, because those folks are simply awesome. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Hannah

    They make you steal wireless in your dorm??? I couldn’t live without our WWW. Wonderful Wireless Web, that is. Okay so I’m pushing it with the web, but damnit, I WANT alliteration.

    Also recently I have taken to saying “FEEL MY POWER” (pronounced FEEEEEEL my POW-ARRRR) when I have done something correctly/cool/mildly positive. Try it sometime, it’s wonderful. Be loud.

  • Lissa

    Actually, I’m at the parents’ abode, which is why I’m stealing wireless. 🙂

    I think I will scare my parents tonight with a roar of “FEEL MY POWER” tonight after they all go to bed. Particularly if I make the progress I think I will on one of my projects.