On Life and Love

No, no, no.

Mae and I got stopped for carrying more than one piece of fruit out of our goddamn cafeteria. What the hell is that mess?

I swear, they’re going to have to stop me every damn time, and they’re going to have to pull the book on me about this, because I surely do not pay $1000 a term for breakfast and dinner and one or two salads on weekends. Heffa, please. They lost my love when they couldn’t accomodate me during the sack lunch mess.

In other news, I attended a showing of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” last night here at Rose, which was awesomely entertaining. It was just short and showy enough to keep my restless attention, but not too gaudy as to annoy the shit out of me. And plus, it was really just cute (and I mean that in a non-condescending way). Tickets were courtesy of Javid, and per usual, it was hella fun to hang around the Basement Crew, even if Javid had me overdressed for the event.

Jeans, Javid. Jeans. Learn it, live it, love it.

Following the show, I putzed around for a while and hinted at Dr. 7 until he went to Arby’s with me (for four damn hours…). The lady that works there when we usually go would look at me oddly if Dr. 7 and Luke weren’t there, so I brought ’em both. And I drove. How ’bout that, Mr. “I’m still driving when we do group things”? Bru-ha-ha!

This has been a damned good weekend. I slept way too much, spent too much time with Dr. 7 and Luke, and have done too little work. (Hey, I have less than a quarter to get all my time with them as a trio. That kinda hurts.)

I officially dumped the newspaper’s news content on A. and A. (the new News team), because otherwise I think things would have been dragged out beyond Spring Break; no one was jumping to take over, and I don’t care for how little attention one of the A’s pays to my news-section management during Thorn meetings. So he gets to develop his own methods in the next two weeks. It’ll be interesting to see how they balance the power. I, of course, didn’t balance power so well when I took the news editor’s spot; I ran my assistant news editor off by not leaving her anything to do.

While the EIC thing is still unofficial, Luke is down to significantly fewer tasks, and Bob is down to production-night assistance (although they both still run the Wednesday general meetings). There’s some ego-massaging that needs to be done, methinks, because there’s been some resistance to the speed with which I am usurping duties.

I swear, every time I take over another small element—like taking over the money spreadsheet, or the mailing lists—I get this look (or see a grumpiness, more likely) from Luke that breaks my heart. I am taking one of his greatest projects [while at Rose] from him piece by piece, and, worse yet, leaving him with idle hands while things run with only the occassional [like weekly, haha] stumble. Bob’s expressed a similar concern, but Luke gets actively grumpy and complains to people at work (which comes right back around to me, of course).

But things are actually coming together moderately well on the paper, at least people-wise. We’re going to be relying on some seniors to hold their positions until the end of the year (and they obviously still “report” to Luke and Bob), and one of the upcoming editors in particular worries me with his lack of integration, but me and the young’uns are doing wonderfully. J. and I have a hell of a fun time on production night, and we’ll probably be the ones to keep things interesting in the office because we’ve picked up a lot of more serious, intellectual folk in this batch. Better than that, J. and I have pretty much reached an understanding regarding how to argue and how to resolve arguments so I feel secure enough not to fly off the handle at his every resistance, and so that he doesn’t start yelling and screaming and walk the hell out. This is good, because if nothing else, I’ve been told our resistance->coaxing->resistance->watch-it-now banter is fairly entertaining.

I think we’ll actually be okay.


  • Javid

    I am not quite sure how I forced you to overdress.

    Jeans, Javid. Jeans. Learn it, live it, love it.
    I just don’t get it. I was dressed nicer since I had gone out to a fancyish restaurant before the play. I guess I confused you in your sleepy state at 3 in the afternoon.

  • Lissa

    I never said “forced”. I asked you how I should dress for the play, and you said, “Nice,” which seemed to indicate more than mere denim. I honestly didn’t even noticed how you were dressed when you came by, courtesy of the sleey state.

    I think that from now on I’ll just always wear jeans, regardless of what you ask for. 😛

  • Javid

    I think you made up the part on asking how to get dressed. Maybe you were dreaming? Or I was sleep walking or something because I have no recollection of it.

  • Lissa

    I so did not make that up. I opened the door, mumbled a bunch of apologies for my sleepy state to you and your mother; you asked if I wanted to go see the play because you had an extra ticket (“no pressure,” you said), and after I thought about it a bit I said, “yes” and asked when and where questions. You answered, then I asked how I should dress. Your response was and shrug and “Nice.” Then you left. *shrug* My memory is pretty clear.

    Besides, my solution to this has already been posted: I’m just going to stop listening to your dress code suggestions. 😀

  • Hannah

    Speaking of overdressed–Ray and I are going to the symphony, so guess what I bought? Okay so you don’t have to guess. I got a _dress_ and _heels_. Man, I wish jeans were okay, but if I’m to coerce Ray into a suit (which I LOVE on guys, so I must see it–what do you think all that MUN was about, anyway?) I think I have to look like I belong next to him, not like I was dragged in off the street. I think my normal look is “dragged in off the street” though. I’m definitely “living” the jeans. Living holes right into them. Yeah!

    Fruit smuggler! Je t’accuse!

  • Javid

    Well I lost my credibily due to your sleepyness. Obviously my answer to how you should dress was “shrug”. The nice comment could have related to something completely different. So obviously you should have worn a shrug. I am not sure what they look like, but I kind of think it might have been like a shrub, so the correct outfit for you to come in would be a plant. So there. You didn’t follow directions.