On Life and Love

Class registration!

For the fall term:

Organic Chemistry I (08:00… *frown*)
Differential Equations II
Analytical Chemistry II (yay!!)
Artificial Intelligence
Software Requirements and Specifications (“Reqs and Specs”) I

Twenty credit hours. Three morning classes. One morning lab. Two group projects, two partnered lab classes. Organic chemistry.

But: more analytical chemistry/chemical instrumentation. Artificial intelligence. Diff Eq II.

Should be interesting, at the very least.


  • Lissa

    Thank you, Jenny! I love you!

    Ugh. 🙂

    It doesn’t help that I’m only taking the class because I know I have knowledge gaps I need to fill (structures, functional groups, IR). Hell, I’m even giving up on the chem minor so I don’t have to take Organic II or descriptive inorganic. I’d rather go deep in instrumentation than wide across the major branches of chemistry.