On Life and Love


I’m ill. I suspect it’s the same bug that sent Jenn scrambling for illegal drugs.

This may be the first time this school year that I’ve been ill with some bug attacking my immune system that is not a case of allergies. I’m still rather proud of my immune system, even if it glitched now.

It also explains why the lack of sleep has been bothering me so much in the past day or so. I cut out of three hours of work yesterday to fall into a short coma in my room, which I justified with the fact that I put in enough hours at my other job to offset the loss in money. I’d been hoping for extra money, but oh, well.

Today I have an interview with President Midgley, along with my news editor and Bob. Then I get to meet with Dr. McKnuckleberry to wrap up some Thorn stuff (*rubs hands together in glee*) and to handle newspaper-ness for the rest of the evening.

You know, what bothers me most about being sick is that it makes it all the more difficult to keep up my pace of life. Fall and Winter quarters, I worried very acutely about getting sick, because I didn’t think I could keep up if I had to skip a step or slow down. I’m doing so little this quarter that I’m less worried, but I’m still concerned I’ll miss something in my tired/blurred haze. And I’m not even on the drugs yet.

Mother-dear and Ali are coming out this weekend, and they are going with WO and me to Bloomington for a [hopefully] fun college town experience. If nothing else, the journey should be fun and the company awesome.

Now let’s just hope I can keep up. Sleep; sleep is the answer, along with exercise and yogurt and vitamin C…

(Don’t ask why exercise is the answer; it’s the answer to everything, although I seem to remember reading that intense exercise can (temporarily) lower your immune system.)


  • Lissa

    Yeah, I’d heard about the neck-up rule for exercising, and have used it in the past–running with a head-cold can clear my head in more ways than one. 🙂

    Endorphins aren’t to be discounted, too, though. Those make life bearable some days. 😀