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It seems it’s been a minute since I updated…

I got back to Terre Haute this past Friday and got all situated in the apartment while hanging out with WO. And by “situated” I mean that I cleaned, recleaned, and cleaned one mo’ ‘gain. I could kill Luke and Dr. 7 both for the state of that bathroom… Ick.

Anyway, work started on Monday. It is fun. It is hard to stay focused. I feel like I know entirely too much about podcasting at this point (a few of the links I’ve found are here, but I just starting adding links there this afternoon), but I’m awaiting responses from some folks at Duke before I can progress much further.

WO has decided to take up running (yay!!), so we’re going through the awesome Couch-to-5K program together. Summer is always good for me when it comes to working out, for some reason. I’ve been walking about four miles every day on top of the runs (late nights or early mornings), and today I got reacquainted with my friends the anterior tibialis weight machine (bye bye, shin troubles!) and the rowing machine (I forgot I had all those muscles in my forearms and upper back!).

I feel really good.

Well, physically, at least. My aunt Lisa’s husband is in the hospital; according to my mother’s e-mail, he went in to the hospital for a stress test and ended up having open heart surgery due to some kind of leakage. He’s already been out of work for quite some time due to a work-related injury to his back that he wasn’t able to have fixed, and that wasn’t going well (steady health decline in general).

So I’m bummed about that, but I’m awaiting more news from my mother.

Life has been filled with cleaning (grr), exercise (yay), work, time with WO (yay!), healthy food (yum… spinach…), and excessive amounts of anime.

Yes, anime. Don’t ask. I blame it on WO, T-dawg, and Michael’s friend B. Damned Naruto

Oh, and Taubman Sucks! is the most incredible (if legalese-heavy) read I’ve had in quite a minute. It’s long, but it’s worth it. Commentary (or links to commentary) on the lawsuit may soon follow.

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