On Life and Love

The other beast emerges

About Wednesday, I slipped into a weird mood that I haven’t felt in months, thanks to the stress of school. It’s my weird “work hard, play hard” mood that brings with it an unimaginable focus.

Right now, my mind is set on about four things. Two of those are work-related, one is writing. None are social, unfortunately, so socializing for me has hit the back burner–if I don’t have a purpose for talking to you (be it technical or otherwise), I probably won’t spare many mips for discussion. Alas, this meant IMs and e-mails have gone largely unanswered this weekend, that I’ve been the antithesis of soft and warm (although not bitchy–just… focused), and that I have short shrift for what I perceive as listlessness, [excessive] frivolousness, or blockades to me working.

I don’t even have the good grace to feel bad about being anti-social right now. Ugh.

Since Friday night at 23:00, however, I have written 10k words of fiction in the form of a couple of short stories, and I have seeds for about three more. None of these will be published, but I may pick up some publishable stuff soon.

I’ve refrained from doing much actual work this weekend, thanks in part to the writing binge and in part to the fact that I don’t want to leave myself with not enough to do come next week.

I love summer. I’ve got to find some way to keep this focus during the school year…