On Life and Love

The wolverine and the coyote

Dr. 7 is back and is helping make life… interesting.

Last night, he sat in my room and talked to me, and my remaining vestiges of propiety and politeness (such as they are, yes) dictated that I pay him a semblance of attention. Combined with the time I spent working out, I got a measly 500 words written last night, no work done at all, and only six hours of sleep to get even that done.

He’s also, however, lurking and smirking around the workplace, and I haven’t felt so damn uncomfortable since I first started working here at the beginning of last school year. I don’t know yet if my solution to this will be internal or external. Internal would probably be best.

Other than that, life is much the same. I’m still anti-social and I’m still obsessed with writing. I think I hosed my Sexy Linux Box a minute ago, and I know that if I don’t ask for help, I’ll end up spending all fucking afternoon trying to fix it, which is not work done on other things that are more visible in terms of progress. Why can there not be a clear, useful, comprehensive guide for setting up AFS with Kerberos and LDAP?

The pride thing is back, though, so I figure I’ll be spending this afternoon and evening fixing the SLB, and the remainder of the night making up the hours I didn’t get concrete work done.

I am grumpy at the situation I’ve put myself in, but optimistic that I can fix it with minimal long-term damage.

And we still don’t have DSL. Dr. 7’s about to blow a gasket, and strangely, this is calming to me. He blew up and danced angrily around the kitchen and my room last night, and I found myself feeling patient (albeit firm) about the matter. Last week I was ready to kick ass about it.

The wolverine and the coyote. (Borrowed descriptors, but not inaccurate.)

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  • stobor

    you too, huh?
    I just got my phone turned on monday even though I placed an order 2.5 weeks ago, and now it appears they have no record of me requesting DSL. If its gonna be another 2 weeks before I can get internet at home, heads are gonna roll.
    SBC is the devil