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Bad, bad linkage

I know I’m all silent and stuff. Work and drama at work is keeping me occupied, along with all the other little things that fill up a life.

Today I have linkage, however. Dr. 7 introduced me to bash.org tonight, which is a repository of too-funny IRC chat quotes. Warning, they are vulgar. They are immature. They are not for the kids. (To read the top 100, click “Top 100” in the top left area.) Some of my favorites:

And without any further babbling, I’m going to bed. Early to bed, early to rise and all that.

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  • stobor

    haha, awesome. bash.org has wasted a ton of my time in the past. also, they have a rss feed for new ones. I dont have time to pull out my favorites, but there soem really funny stuff in there