5 thoughts on “Emacs wins.”

  1. In case you need to record your steps or something in text-based adventure land, be sure to pick up a good text editor like vi.

  2. wait, so does this mean you are writing your own text games? cause that would be sweet.

  3. Sexy Short Stuff: Malyon in Emacs shows a transcript of the steps.

    And vi is not a good text editor. A text editor isn’t good until it can function as an operating system, thankyouverymuch. *grin*

    Jenn: I’m not writing my own, no, although WO does. He’s the one that got me playing them. Don’t tell me you play, too?

  4. haha, now you know my free time weakness….it goes back to the days of like 2nd grade when my father gave me an Apple IIe for my birthday, and my mom and I would play games together…..

  5. Jenn, you’ve just graduated to l337 status in my eyes. Got any favorites? I’m always looking for a good game.

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