Good reading material.

4 thoughts on “Good reading material.”

  1. I have always liked Microsoft Office. Especially when they make new start up pictures. That is worth the upgrade right there.

  2. I’m actually not a fan of having calendar, tasks, fortune teller, chauffeur, and preacher all in one program, like Outlook does, but I respect its integration with Exchange at Rose. I also don’t mind having the options for using Outlook calendar/tasks to manage some of the shit in my life, even if I don’t immediately jump on it.

    As for the rest of the office suite–while I respect OpenOffice (and use it), there are some things that MS Office simply has the advantage in feature-wise due to the maturity of the product.

  3. I like Exchange and the meeting requests. At work you can reserve conference rooms, labs, equipment, etc through Outlook.

  4. Yeah, that’s definitely one of the benefits of Exchange–we’ve been able to get rid of Corporate Time, too, which made a lot of folks at TSC happy.

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